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MTH Premier 20-2566-1 Erie Lackawanna FT ABA Diesel Engine Set with ProtoSound® 2.0 


The EMD-built FT freight diesel was born in November 1939 in the La Grange, IL, General Motors plant. Number 103, the four-unit FT demonstrator, didn't take any baby steps. It immediately started an 11-month, 35-state tour, logging 83,764 miles on 20 Class I railroads. Wherever it went, the FT beat the railroads' best steam engines at every task. By the end of the tour, steam was, for all practical purposes, dead. As famed Trains magazine editor David P. Morgan later put, the FT was "the diesel that did it."

The FT demonstrator was made up of four units, each with a 16-cylinder engine that hammered out 1350 horsepower. The demonstrator's combined rating of 5400 hp was similar to that of many "superpower" steam engines, but the FT made far more efficient use of its power. The A units at either end were 48'3'' long and the cabless B units were 48'1'' in length. Initially, EMD built FTs in semi-permanently coupled A-B pairs, but the A-B-A arrangement was an alternative.

We are excited to offer this Premier A-B-A version of "the diesel that did it." This model features a level of detail and accuracy not previously offered in 3-rail O gauge F-units. Redesigned Blomberg trucks on the FT include separately-applied truck springs, air brake cylinders, air lines, and speed recorder cable. Modular molds enable models to have the correct roof fans, horns, grab irons, and headlight and number board placement for each individual road name. End and pilot details include added-on hoses. Paint colors are accurately researched. We think you'll agree that these upgraded F-units set a new standard of detail and accuracy for 3-rail carbody diesels.


  • Two powered A-units, one non-powered B unit
  • ProtoSound® 2.0 Digital Sound with Digital Command System, Speed & Light Control and Freight Yard Proto-Effects™ sounds (see more below)
  • Operating ProtoSmoke™ diesel exhaust smoke in each A-unit
  • 2-precision flywheel equipped motors in each A-unit (4-total motors)
  • Scale size proportions
  • All-metal wheels & gears
  • Compatible with most AC transformers
  • ProtoSound® electronic reverse unit
  • Intricately detailed ABS body
  • Directional constant voltage headlights
  • Die-cast trucksides, pilot & fuel tank
  • Lighted cab interior
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Lighted marker lights
  • 2-cab engineer figure in each A-unit
  • Spinning roof fans
  • Metal body side grills
  • Remote controlled Proto-Couplers®
  • Metal chassis
  • Metal handrails and decorative horn
  • Operates on O-31 or greater curves
  • Overall Length: 38-1/4"

ProtoSound® 2.0 Features

ProtoSound® 2.0 makes the most technologically advanced locomotive on the market. Locomotives equipped with this sound & train control system offer tremendous expandability. They offer more features right out of the box than any other engines, & when paired with the DCS Digital Command System they offer features other manufacturers cannot begin to compete with. ProtoSound 2.0 is perfect for people who love technology & how it multiplies their fun.

Right out of the box, ProtoSound® 2.0 engines deliver:

  • Horn, bell and locomotive digital sound effects
  • Sound effects including Freight Yard Sounds and cab chatter
  • Speed control equipped to eliminate throttle adjustments and make for smooth starts and stops
  • Remotely controlled operating couplers to release cars on the fly (no operating track needed)
  • Wide range of State-of-the-Art digital sounds
  • Add hundreds of features when operated with DCS

This engine has been track tested to make sure that it is in proper operating condition.

QuantityNo item(s) available
Manf Stock # 20-2566-1
Condition New -Tested
Box Yes
Price: $499.00

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MTH Premier 20-2566-1 Erie Lackawanna FT ABA Diesel Engine Set with ProtoSound® 2.0

MTH Premier 20-2566-1 Erie Lackawanna FT ABA Diesel Engine Set with ProtoSound® 2.0

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