Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Good evening Graham - just wanted to let you know the highly anticipated arrival of the recent Lionel items did make its appearance last (Thursday) evening. I did not get it unpacked until this afternoon but I must give you high marks in the packing and security of the items. I was pleased to see the meticulous care that you took with the 2461 Lionel (depressed) metal flatcar with the original transformer on it. Very creative means of protecting the transformer with the cardboard cutout that fit down in the depression so well....... NICELY DONE!! All of the items arrived just fine. I keep an active list of items to search out when I attend various train meets. This particular order allowed me to cross off three of the cars for which I have been looking. The only one that was a repeat was the Sunoco S.U.N.X. 6555. I do have another but not in as good condition as the one I just purchased from you. As for the 2461, I do have the 6461 which is a direct descendant of the 2461 just a bit more recent and the 6818 (red plastic flatcar with transformer from 1958). The hoppers are a continuance of trying to get at least one of each style ...... know I will never try to get one of each number or train line representative .... just tooooo many of them.

Thank you so much for your help in putting this order together...... greatly appreciated.

Will continue to check your web site and see what new items magically appear. Thank you again.

Tom C., New Hampshire


The Lionel 2032 I purchased from you is really nice. Your merchandise is always first class.

GBV, Pennsylvania

Everything you have sent me has met my expectations, thank you. I wanted to let you know the letter you sent with the MTH diesel engine was helpful and shows you care about what customers are buying. I also wanted to let you know I originally found your website while looking for a I Love West Virginia boxcar, it was in your archived items and your website was one of the options to find it when I was searching. Perhaps leaving hard to find items in your archived folder will bring more customers. Lastly, your mentioning for me to go to your homepage on a regular basis to find new items is an idea you should tell any new customers if you don`t already do so, at least two of my purchases were because of that conversation. Although I will slow down my purchases I will continue to check your website, which is the best I have seen.
Take care and thanks again,
Mentor, Ohio

Dear Graham:
Received my Lionel 6-52087 New Mexico Central RR TTOS 1996 Convention Car today. It arrived in perfect condition, both shipping and car. Your initial order processing was flawless too. Great site. Thought you would enjoy seeing that it is on the rails, had its first run and is now a part of my operating layout. I will pass on my complete satisfaction to my fellow TTOS NM Division members.

Thanks again.
Richard S.
Albuquerque, NM

Hi Graham,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my buying experience. There are lots of on-line model train dealers that sell products but none that I know of that stand behind them way you do. Your promise to put the customer first is no idle claim and I especially appreciated your hands on and honest approach to handling my questions and concerns. Will definitely be coming back for a lot more business!

Regards, Scott

Dear Associates of Graham's Trains, I have ordered several times from your company. I appreciate the EXCELLENT service and prompt order processing/shipment. Of all the online toy train dealers I have dealt with, Graham's Trains is by far the best. I look forward to continuing my business with

 Thank you,
Alex C.
Reno, NV

I wanted to write to tell you that I am extremely satisfied with my recent order of Lionel track. I don't usually order online, mostly choosing to shop locally, however, when I experienced problems finding the older Lionel tubular track at my local hobby shop, I went online and found your store. I especially liked that you kept me updated every step of the way with order status through UPS tracking and that my order came exactly when promised. Your website was also informative and easy to navigate. Consequently, I signed up and will be back soon for additional purchases. Thanks again for your promptness and professionalism in fulling my order.

Doug G.

Dear Graham,
I received everything today as you indicated on what I had ordered. I want to say Thank You for handling everything with care along with excellent service. I received my cars, switches, transformer, and accessories in excellent condition and they are up and running on my layout. I look forward in viewing more items for sale and doing more business with you.
Very truly yours,
Vito from NY

Thanks for the speedy service. UPS arrived this afternoon. Great job of packaging. All eight switches and the uncoupler appear to be in mint condition.

I think I will order that Burlington GP-9 Diesel Engine from you.

Look for another order!

Thanks again,
Calera, Alabama

my order arrived friday. man that was fast. extra happy with the product. would recommend you guys to anyone. this kind of service is rare these days.
thanx randy ----

Dear Graham,

I just wanted to take a minute or so to thank you for your excellent service. I received my MTH, Premier, 4 Bay, Norfolk and Western coal cars yesterday in excellent condition. I plan to run them on the layout at our club, during the next meeting. At that time I will let the fellows know of your excellent service and the address of your web site.

For your information here's the web site of our club in the Greater Charleston, South Carolina Area, Charleston Area Model Train Club.

Very truly yours,



Just wanted to let you know I got the engine and the caboose I recently ordered from you, and I wanted to say that they are in great shape. A friend of mine, who has been into O guage and Lionel for years was very impressed with the condition of the items, as well as the price. Thanks again.

Kip M

Hi Graham,
My loco and cars arrived Thursday just before I had to leave for work. My Wife and I unpacked them last night and everything was in good shape thanks to you packing them so well. I am delighted with the Berkshire, it is really beautiful. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing business with you again.
Thanks so much,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I received the trains I ordered. The trains are great, thank you, merry xmas. Charles L.

Dear Graham,

I received my 2025 Loco, 6466W Tender and other cars yesterday.  They look beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Larry K.  Montana

Hi Graham,

Received my derrick and it looks super !!! I am very pleased. Thank you for all your extra effort and great service. Have your site on my favorites and will look in from time to time.

Thanks again,


Now that Christmas is over, the trains have been viewed and played with to the joy of my Grandkids.  Your service and concern for my being able to make them happy was greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the concerns you showed in early December 2004.  Please continue to enjoy life.  

Fair Haven, NJ

Thank you, you made my parents (both in their 70s) very happy with that engine/tender and boxcar.  Please keep a lookout for other PM cars…they have a guaranteed home up here in Cleveland!

Happy New Year.

Dear Graham,

 I just recieved my Lionel LRRC Hudson Steam Loco this afternoon and it is outstanding!! :-) This is my second purchase from you and once again I am very happy with my purchase and prompt service I received. Thank you again for a great engine at a great price.

 Matt H. Ephrata, PA

Hi Graham, I received the train today and I love it. Set it up on the shelf above my desk and ran it for a couple of hours. Thanks again. It is great. 


Just writing to let you know that the transformer arrived today and I already have it working on some of my accessories.  Once again it was a pleasure doing business with you. 

Thank you very much,

Dear Graham,
The train arrived yesterday in perfect condition.   My husband is so very pleased.  Thank you for quick shipping and excellent service.   We will bookmark your site.
with appreciation, Margaret

Hi there Graham,

I just received my MTH Santa Fe steam engine and it's a beauty! Your ad said "like new" condition and that was an understatement. It looks NEW to me. Many many thanks for outstanding item at a great price. I look forward to doing business with you again.
Thanks again,
Matt H.
Ephrata, PA

We bought two engines this Christmas (MTH) they are great. I looked around for several weeks, you had the best selection, service and price.

We will be back.

John W

South Carolina

I received the transformer. Looks great!!! Packaging and shipping were excellent! I love that very old box - haven't seen many of them. 
Listen, it was very nice doing business with you. Please e-mail me when you get any new Lionel trains, etc. I will continue to review your website periodically!
Talk to you soon,

Hello Graham,

The passenger set arrived in perfect condition and I'm extremely pleased with the cars!


Just wanted to tell you that after searching the net and alot of other sites, you have the highest quality trains for the best prices. I thoroughly enjoy purchasing trains from you and thank you for being so prompt on sending them to me. If you could list this as an accolades to your profile , you should, you deserve the testimonial. Thank you again, I will definitely keep monitoring your site for additional purchases. I enjoy everything that I have purchased from you and I am anxiously awaiting my new purchase. best regards, sincerely, Trainman0_7 Steve

Dear Graham,

Just wanted to tell you that the package arrived today. In great shape. The service was impeccable. Fast/Dependable/Reliable. Couldn't ask for any better. Hope to do more business with you in the future.

I recently purchased the captioned steam loco & tender and am well pleased. Your description "like new" was certainly no exaggeration. Do have a question however. There is a tiny 2 position switch on the underside back by the cab. With no instructions I'm not sure what it does. Does it perhaps have something to do with smoke generation? Regards, Jim C.


I just received my order from you I placed last week and need a few more small boxes. The items sent are all great, especially that cleaner car! I will highly recommend your place to friends and family!! Thank you...Ken

Hi Graham,
I have now received both shipments including Lionel (9841, 9852,19912) and, as always, they are beauties. Again thank you for your great service and beautiful trains.

Sincerely, Sheila

Thank you for sending out the LV hopper so promptly, as you had said, the
condition is excellent!
It is a pleasure doing business with you!

Hi Graham, I received the bridge today. As always you are very prompt with your shipment & I am very pleased. Thanks Frank

Zippy service. Thanks. I received my order (milk car & trestle) today. Zoom. I was expecting it about Monday. Now I think I'm ready to set up my 1st train since 1953 through about 1959. "For the Grandchildren", you know!!!!! So, surmise that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing but I'm hell-bent to be doing.
Help me with one of the many mistakes I've made since I decided to do this - and I don't have a single track down yet. It seems that I'm going to need the part, or parts, to make my milkman unload the milk. I don't know what the part/ parts is/are. Please let me know if you can get them & how much I need to send you. I'll pay you like lightning - no problem. I've been told by a few people that Lionel makes the Milk Car again but "You will never be able to find one." As soon as I saw you had one I bounced on it without giving thought to other items I will need. Please help.
Thanks for your quick service on today's delivery.

I received my order today of the Lionel Train Boxes that I ordered earlier this week.  Thank you for your quick response.  They are as good as advertised.

San Antonio, Texas

Graham, received late last week.  Trains are great and are just as described
on your web page.  Please feel free to send any email info regarding items
you are selling.  I will check back to your page from time to time.  Thank
you, -Phil-


I received the trains today. As always, beautifully packaged and exactly as advertised.


Thank you, and thank you for the very quick turn-around on my order for the Lionel repro boxes!  I just assembled them, and they are great, the best storage for those post-war cars previously without boxes.


I received the K-6729A K-Line 4 pack of Ford Ore Cars that I ordered from you this past Friday.  The cars were in beautiful shape, just as you assured me.  I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the speedy delivery and the attention to packaging.  I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Thanks again,
John R. 
Cochran, GA.

Thank you, received my second order yesterday, I am very pleased with your trains, they are in excellent condition.

Joe B.


The 2 TTUX cars and Grain Semi arrived today in fine shape, just as shown/described on your web site. Thanks for an easy swift transaction, I'll be checking back.
Best regards,

Unpacked everything last night and wrapped gifts......everything was there and
it all looks great!!!!
thanks and have a good holiday season.

Graham, they were delivered today after I got home. The items look great.
You and I are going to do more business!!. Keep me in your email address if
you get in any Hot!! Items!!. I will keep looking on your web site too!  
Thanks for the service. Best Regards Tom


Just a note to say a very appreciative thank you for the wonderful train set, it arrived in perfect condition.  It is gorgeous and I love it and I'm showing it off to my entire family.  Thank you again for all of your help and now that I found your web site, I will be checking it often to see what is new.  Your service and site is excellent and I appreciate all of your help.  I hope to do business with you in the future.  Thanks again!!!
Fred L

Hi is my pleasure.......I have confidence it the items that you sell.....
I am fairly new at collecting trains and it is important to me to get what I paid for along with the excellent service that you provide........



I received the caboose in great shape. Giving the tracking number is a very good practice.  I think your prices are very fair for what you get. I am also looking for a 6561 cable reel car if you have any information.



Good morning,

I received the car in great shape. Once again a pleasure to do business with you.


Tom M.

Hi Graham,

Once more let me say that I appreciate your professional and courteous manner of conducting your business.



Hi Graham

Received the car today, better than I expected ,thanks again.
Tom M.


Hi, the train arrived and it works wonderfully.. Boy that thing really chugs, thanks for the successful transaction and I'll keep an eye for you in the future!



Hi: Just a note to let you know I received the shipment and everything is ok. The caboose is really sharp and looks great on my layout. If you get a hold of any Reading or Lehigh Valley cars let me know as I would be interested. Again it was a pleasure doing business with you and I am sure we will get together in the future.


I just wanted to let you know I received the #6419 Lionel work caboose July 11. I would like to add that the caboose looks even better to me than your description.
I am very pleased with your business ethic, service and pricing.
Thank you and perhaps we may do business again in the future.
Thanks again.
Larry (one happy customer) F.

OK - many thanks.  The package arrived today and I am happy with the contents.  However, one side comment.  Your attention to detail on the packaging paid off.  The box arrived in terrible shape.  Probably a result of the rednecks in this region - Columbus Indiana and Columbus Ohio are totally different.  The folks here have one mentality, throw and maybe catch, who cares if it hits the floor.  Nonetheless the bubble wrap inside saved the day - thank heaven because as you know the contents cannot be replaced.  Will be scanning your website for more goodies - thanks again for the quick and "safe" turnaround.... Bruce

The Lionel arrived Monday September 9th, box car and box both in excellent condition as advertised.  I will keep monitoring your website for future bargains.

I received the Lionel model 671 train and tender today and was very pleased with the item I purchased.  It is everything you stated in your description of the item.  I plan to do all my lionel purchases through Graham's Trains in the future.  And thank you for the prompt delivery on the item.

Joe B.

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